NOOB- Logo sticks with track, Solid in AE jumps

In MochaAE 2020, I tracked footage with all tracking Options selected. which when played back in Mocha with the Logo insert, was perfect. After saving and back in AE, I ‘Created Tracking Data’, set ‘Export Option’ to ‘Corner Pin’ and exported to a solid layer of both the same size and FPS as the footage I had tracked and the solid jumps around as though it’s following the jerkiness of the footage. Comp settings are also same size (1920x1080) and fps(23.976). I’m sure I’ve overlooked something simple, my 2nd day trying to wrangle MochaAE, but cannot figure what it is? Any ideas?

Is the jerkiness in the playback or in the render? I ask because I’ve seen it happen in both but for different reasons.