Noob question: how to make a Title follow a person

Hi guys,
Im new with mocha, and i have a simple question

I have shot an interview with a person that is walking and talking towards the camera… I want to have a title (name/job) appear besides her while she is walking and gentle follow her walking wobble.

What I did was… imported the shot into Mocha, and made a path around her face…then tracked it.
the track looks good. I deselect skew and perspective and stuff…because i want the title to just follow her movement…titles itselfs stays the same

Then I export the tracking data to AE. (clipboard)… I make the title, precompose it… and then things go wrong.
When I add the tracking data to the precomp… the tracking seem different then what I got in mocha… Its making weird jumps and its not really following the moves anymore.

Im probably doing soemthing wrong… maybe because I need the title to use the tracking data as an anchor point… (I want the title about 400 pixels besised the face that I used for tracking… )

Can somebody tell me how to properly do this? Do i need to track it differently? Or put a layer in 3D space or something? Any help is appreciated…

Did you align the surface tool to the footage size in mocha? In mocha, go to the same frame as your text element in AE and hit the align surface tool (in layer properties) and then copy and paste that data. That should fix the issue. Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

Ah yes that was the problem…it seems to be working now

Follow up question… the motion track is pretty jerky at the moment…lots of keyframes…

Is there anyway to smooth this out so the track flows more… almost like stabilizing the track?

There’s not a method for smoothing the track, just correcting it. You can use adjust track to correct a track. Or you can simply find a better texture to track and increase the % of pixels tracked to increase accuracy. Boris FX | Quick Tip: Adjust Track

In AE you can smooth data with an expression, but it isn’t built into mocha.