Not able to apply BCC effects in Premiere Pro 22.1.1 on M1 MacBook Pro

Unfortunately I can’t drag any BCC effect onto a clip in Premiere Pro 22.1.1 on a MacBook Pro with M1 Max chip. I need to start Premiere Pro in Intel Mode to be able to apply my effects. I use BCC version 15.0 and I also tried to un- and reinstall it.
Sapphire also works in native M1 mode.

This was introduced with a host change in Premiere 22.1.1. If you use Premiere 22.1.0 the BCC filters will show up fine running natively on the M1 chips. We have a fix internally and are working to release an update of Continuum some time next week, but in the meantime the workarounds would be to go back to the Premiere 22.1.0 host version or to run in Intel emulation mode.


Thanks for you quick reply, Jason!
Being on holiday right now I can easily wait for the update next week :slight_smile: