Not Able to Render/Import with Transparency to Vegas Pro17

Hi All,

I just started using the free download PI version. I am not able to render out a video with transparency and I was wondering if there were any ideas out there. I am rendering out to .mov format, PrRes 4444+Premultiplied Alpha (and Straight Alpha), RGB+Premultiplied Alpha Channel, Apple ProRes codec amdnd ProRes 4444 -330 type. I am importing into Vegas pro 17. After all of my combinations the import still is not transparent. Any tips or tricks is appreciated.

Have you disabled so4compoundplug.dll in the internal VP prefs?

I too couldn’t get this to work until I enabled it.

If you want VP to be less crashy and leave so4compoundplug.dll disabled, you might be able to work around this by setting your track compositing mode to screen. I know it won’t work in all situations though.


I have not really made any changes to VP internal prefs so my assumption will be that this setting is set to enabled if set by default but I will dbl Check that to be certain. I am not sure how to set the track composting mode to screen to test this out but I will do some research on this one to see if I can get that to work. If you could share some info on that I would also appreciate the tip.

It’s on by default, so that shouldn’t be the source of the problem.

I can share more info in the “morning” EST

Here are some ways to enable alpha using the prores files put out by PI. I’m doing some additional testing to see why they look so bad. Prores with alpha isn’t something I normally use.

MIchael - does this alpha issue (flickering particles) happen with all emitters, or just that custom one?

If you can duplicate with some from the Sampler library it would be easier for us to test.


Hi cb1974vette,

In the preview of PI can you change the background to checkerboard before rendering.


@Alan_Lorence it does even with sample emitters. I’m uploading a PI and VP project along with the renders I’ve done.

Hi Michaelh,

Thanks for your effort and information. This worked out fine for me. I hadn’t changed the properties in VP on the imported video. Again I appreciate your help.

@cb1974vette you’re welcome
@Alan_Lorence You can probably ignore my testing results where the output looks so bad except to put a note in your support database that the project settings need to be changed from the default 8bit to 32 bits. While VP will ask the user if the project settings should match the first-added video file, it doesn’t correctly interpret a 12bit file as needing to set the project to > 8 bits, which is the default.

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New to PI. Trouble importing render from PI to Vegas 17. Different results/settings with alpha ch. Playback in Vegas does not look like preview in PI. Not sure about preset, format, channels, codec options. I’m not a super editor, just somewhat. Help would be great. Thanks