Not rendering last frame

I write here because I encountered an issue that I am unable to solve whatever I try. I want to remove a spot of an ear of an actor. I track it and remove it with the remove module. I work inside Davinci resolve 16.1.2 Everything goes perfect but not for the last frame. The last frame has the spot not removed. I created 3 plates at the beginning middle and last frame and select use only plates but when I go back to Davinci Resolve and apply the render remove module everything is removed but the last frame. It is a self contained clip so I dont know why it is not removing the spot on the last frame. Any help of why is this happening Thank you

I saw and responded to your case, but in case this is faster:

We still don’t fully support Resolve yet because we are having issues rendering back to the Resolve timeline. Can you try rendering this fully in Mocha and exporting the rendered clip by going to file>export rendered clip and let me know if you still see the spot?

Please let me know and I will be happy to help you further.