Not sure how to proceed with this remove

Hello everyone, i’m fresh Mocha user and i’d like to remove the blue leash/rope from this clip:

However i got kinda lost in the options Mocha provides. I tried working with cleanplates but then realized it probably won’t work as the clip is affected by variable motion blur/camera shake/defocus/exposure, and the elements behind leash are not always static (moving cow legs) :confused:
Just fyi, this is what i got so far, not very great results :slight_smile: :

Therefore i wanted to ask if someone here would be so kind and be able to provide me some guidance, what methods to actually use for task such as this?
Not sure if it’s anyhow relevant, but i use Mocha Pro plugin in DaVinci Resolve, version 2022.5 9.5.4

Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

This is a difficult one for someone fresh out the gate with Mocha.

You’ve got several background things to deal with here:

  1. The ground
  2. The head moving in the foreground
  3. The 3 legs moving in different directions
  4. The rope hanging from the torso.
  5. The other cow face at the end.

This is not undoable, but there is a lot of work to get it right iwth many moving parts. Your best bet is to do it in passes.

If you’re just teaching yourself how the basics work, you might be better off starting on something slightly easier.

Hi Martin, many thanks for your response.
I understand i should probably pick something more simple for a start, but just out of curiosity (or more like out of my obsession for finishing what i started :face_with_head_bandage:), would you be willing to give me just basic insight, how would you proceed with something like this?
Let’s assume we split it into passes:

  • What’s best way to deal with the ground, which is static, but with significant motion blur and focus changing randomly throughout the clip? I tried to check tutorials but haven’t yet found any that would cover similar issue :confused:
  • I guess moving legs/rope/cow head in background should probably be done via inserts? Or are there some other ways to resolve them?

Hope i don’t ask too many questions (i’m sorry if that would be the case), but you know, often the best way to learn is to ask someone more skilled :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I’m agreed with Martin that this one is quite difficult for a beginner, and you should think of it as a step by step process.

  1. There are two points to be considered.
    The lens blur changes are not so dramatic, yet there are some. When you use the clean plate inside Mocha’s remove module, you cannot control/animate the blurriness of it.

  2. There are quite a lot of elements on different planes that obscure each other.

Because of this who reasons, I would probably try another approach. The better way to achieve the remove would be to assemble your composition inside the host compositing software, and use Mocha Pro as your tracking assistant. You mention that you’re working in DaVinci Resolve, so the Fusion tab would be your way to go.

You should track each of the elements, and prepare separate clean plates for:

  • ground
  • front left leg
  • front right leg
  • black cow’s head
  • etc.

Then apply track data to each of the clean plates accordingly.

For making the clean plates, analyze the shot, and find frames where the objects are mostly visible, and the occlusion is minimal. For example, for black cow’s head, you probably can just make a freeze frame right before the rope starts to to over it, then use it as a clean plate only for the last couple of frames.

For other elements, you’re most likely have to spend some time painting it.

Speaking of the legs, pay attention that cow moves the front leg when the rope is already out of frame. Meaning, the clean plate for leg should be applied only for the first half of the shot, then you can disable it by turning down the opacity to 0%.

And that’s how you should think about every element in a separate.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi Elizabeth,
thank you very much for comprehensive description, actually that’s exactly the kind of guidance i needed :slight_smile:
Recompositing the clip in Fusion came to my mind (mostly due to the motion blur, it becomes more prominent in full 4K, so i guessed it would have to be hand animated to make the patch fit), but i wasn’t sure if it’s the right way to go, since i thought it still might be possible to do everything directly in Mocha…

Now let’s go find out tutorials how to load Mocha track into Fusion :smiley: (at least to get familiar with the workflow :slight_smile: )

Thanks again and have a great day!

We have that, here you go :wink:

Perfect, thank you very much once more :slight_smile: