Not tracking at all - bug?


I’m currently working on an anamorphic show, with scans at:
4748 x 3608 (pix asp 2).

When I bring DPX or JPG into MochaPro, draw a simple shape around an easy object to track, the shape doesn’t move at all, whether just translation or all of the options ticked up to perspective.
It’s flat out not doing anything.

The shot is a cityscape, during the day, so plenty of details that aren’t moving, and the camera move is just panning downwards. So all in all, a very simplistic shot, albeit in anamorphic.

Please note, I have been using Mocha for a fair while for quite complicated shots on other feature films.

It has to be a bug, as I’ve just reformatted the plate to half the scale in Nuke, and now it’s working.

Thanks for letting us know! Which version are using using?


We’re on:

Mocha Pro 4.1.2

I’ve got some 6k footage as well, I’ll also try this to see what happens.

So the only difference is that you’re using a PAR of 2? Can you email me a full screen grab of mocha when it is not working in this scenario?


Hi Martin,

I’m just back from my holiday, and I’ll send over something ASAP.
The 2k version is still using the PAR of 2, it’s just been halved to it’s 2k format as a test.