Nothing happening when clicking ''Apply export''

Hello! I have created a track in Mocha AE to replace a computer screen. I can see that the track is tracking the screen perfectly and everything seems perfectly fine, but when i click the ‘‘Apply export’’ button nothing happens to the source that i selected. I can’t figure out what i did wrong.
Yes i clicked ‘‘Create track data’’ and selected the layer + selected the cog.
Yes both of the sources are the same aspect ratio, fps and resolution.

Can you provide a screen recording, and what AE version are you using?

Hey. I’m using version 17.0.0
Maybe I’m dumb but I really don’t get it.

Switch to your composition view

Thank you very much. Now something happens however I’ve ran into another problem. At the start of the clip everything is fine but then the video isn’t following the track anymore. Do you know what the problem is?

Try Precomping the insert before applying any track data to it.

Still looks the same

Did you moved all the attributes inside precomp? Please provide a screen recording while being able too see the Composition Viewer

Hey, I am not completely sure what you mean but is this correct?

Sorry I cannon really see either the scale of insert is set to 100% or something else. Please try updating to the more recent AE version, there might be some bugs that we fixed in later releases

Aw alright. I’ll test around and see if something works. Thanks for the help!

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