Notification of Update to Continuum?

How do I get notified that there is an Update? Does this happen “Officially” by BORIS?

Best regards - G

I always recommend installing and using the Boris FX Application Manager to control licensing and updates. It’s a free app and downloadable directly from our web site : Boris FX | Downloads


Also if a maintenance update was posted you should see an Update message pop up while using the plugins.

And I was first alerted to the very recent Mocha Pro 2022 update via an email from BorisFX in addition to the App Manager highlighting the update.

Thanks guys! I’m on the case.

Nice App, but it isn’t Updating its “Update” Status, so, I don’t know IF it has updated Continuum or not?

Just thought I’d update you on this Update? OK, who do I know IF my Continuum 2021.5 has been . . er . . Updated?

When there is no update available, the Update buttons in the Action list are greyed out as they are in your pic. When an update becomes available, the Update button becomes a ‘live’ button like the Trial buttons are (i.e. not greyed out).

Not avaible to me, or not available to anybody?

How would I know that? All I’m conscious of is that UPDATE button signalling “UPDATE”? And that to me means press it and get the update going?

How on Earth would I know that!?

Not avaible to me, or not available to anybody?

AFAIK, anybody (presumably with the product currently activated) including you and including me.

Re the other 2 items: No, it’s not intuitive, it’s just what I’ve learned from my experience with the App Man over recent years, and I was passing that experience on to you because you asked the question about how to tell when an update was available.

I thought I was reading that there is an update available?

Yes, yes I did, and for this I thank you. Now, BORIS, make this App more intuitive or provide the infpormation I require withiut confusing me - please.

I thought I was reading that there is an update available?

The last BCC update was about 5 weeks ago and is version 14.5.2 - as per the
BorisFX Downloads page.

The only really recent BorisFX update was the just released Mocha Pro 2022.

I have a feeling that the next BCC release could be BCC 2022 because, last year, Mocha Pro 2021 and BCC 2021 both get released within about a month of each other. But on the other hand, the previous year’s releases were months apart.