Nudging planar surface

Mocha Ae 4.0.2

Hi I am trying to see if there is a shortcut for nudging the planar surface corners. using the shortcut keys only nudge my bezier shape. how do I get finer control to nudge my planar surface corners accurately?

Hi there,

We don’t have a way to nudge corners outside of the adjust track module, you can try making your mouse/tablet settings less sensitive and that will help your movement of the surface tool.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


thank you Mary. I have a 4k scene with a small iphone in the middle and getting the planar surface accurately is time consuming. changing the mouse sensitivity requires getting through all sorts of windows on my Win7 system and I prefer not to change my setup for just this one annoyance. I think that if in the adjust track you could shift+press one of the corners to make it 10x bigger increments instead of that small increments, this option could really speed up the workflow. is there a place where I can submit a feature request?

You can either submit a feature request here:

Or I can simply forward this to our product manager, either way.


Thank you Mary. please forward this. I appreciate your assistance thank you. I would like to help make Mocha better so my email is available for further discussion on this matter.

If you hold down CMD/Ctrl + Shift while moving the surface corners in the Track module it will reduce the motion so you can place the point more carefully.

But I agree that nudging for the normal surface mode could be very useful.

Thank you martinb. I see this works also for planar surface movement without going to the AdjustTrack module (what you refer as “normal surface mode”?). I click Ctrl+Shift and move one of the corners and now it moves much slower. so really that’s all I need :slight_smile: