Nuke 9+ shapes from silhouette slow down nuke

When we import nuke 9+ shapes from silhouette, nuke hangs. Even we have only one roto shape in node graph and when we view that roto node. Nuke takes much longer to time to load.

But the same time, when we export the same shape via nuke 6+ shape from silhouette, nuke loads the roto node instantly.

The problem is only with nuke 9+ shapes from silhouette.
The silhouette version i am using is Silhouette 2021.5.0

Importing Nuke 9+ shapes from Silhouette into Nuke 14 is instantaneous for me using both Silhouette 2021.5 and 2023.

When imported into Nuke, Silhouette shapes are converted to Nuke native shapes. Unfortunately, Nuke’s roto is slow. Where a hundreds of shapes while render in less than second in Silhouette, Nuke can take 10x+ longer for the same shapes.

Yeah I observe the same behavior. heavy roto shots with v6 = faster to render/preview, v9 slow.

I did a lot of tests and found the culprit.
v6 exports to nuke with Motion Blur set to “shape”
v9 exports to nuke with Motion Blur set to “global”
just switch mblur to “shape” and it will render/preview super fast.

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also because the Global motion blur on v9 exports match Silhouette node motion blur setting.
If you use 32 on silhouette, usually 32 on Nuke is waaay too much?

Thanks @mborgo Something to be aware of, we switched to Global as the default because in some cases, depending on the animation, the motion blur did not match as well when set to shape.

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Thanks a lot @mborgo. Will check it and let you know.
Have a fantastic day

sure makes sense. Now that we know what’ s the issue, keep at Global but reduce Global Blur > motionblur to something more reasonable, like 2-5 @g-tharun9_c9750

if you export nuke9+ rotonode - in silhouette enable the motion blur parameter for the roto unit, set the value to no higher than 3 and again disable the checkbox of this parameter. Then export your nuke roto.