Nuke / AE Frame Offset in Mocha Pro

I have artists working in Mocha Pro plugin, some using Nuke, some using After Effects. They are exporting out .mocha files, and I’m opening them up in After Effects. They are offset by one frame.

Here’s what the Nuke artist is saying,

“we’ve isolated it to a frame offset issue in mocha. the mocha AE starts at frame 0, and the mocha in nuke starts at 1. We have a workaround in place, but trying to find a more robust solution.”

“yeah, its affecting every shot. we are able to offset it manually on our end and save it out to get it to work”

What do we do about this?

It seems like this could be useful, but it’s greyed out in Mocha Pro Plugin for AE. I tried a similar dialog box in the settings, but it didn’t seem to do anything.

You can offset the entire set of keyframes using the dopesheet in 2022: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022 User Guide

Use the “Slide keys” feature to move all keys back or forward 1 frame.

Alternatively, the Nuke artists can just add a frame offset node between the read node and the Mocha Pro node.

The quickest way would be to have all artists working in the same default frame offset. In AE, you can set this default in the comp settings.

Now we’re talkin! Passing this info on to them. Thank you!