Nuke Alpha to Mocha Layer


I know the way to use an alpha mask for mocha is to export the alpha as an image sequence from nuke and then import this into Mocha as a ‘matte layer’. I’ve been using this method but always found it a bit confusing to use/teach.

I was wondering if there was a way to import an alpha with the mocha plugin from Nuke using the ‘insert’ input on the node? Skipping the whole rendering out an image sequence part? I know in Silhouette there is an option in the node to bring in the alpha to use as a mask but not in Mocha.

Also, is there a way to import nukes roto node into mocha? I know there is an import for SFX but is there a way to wangle that for a nuke roto? Would be great to have an editable shape in Mocha that was directly imported from Nukes roto?

Cheers guys

No, there is not, but that is a good feature request. Let me let @martinb know.

You can import Silhouette projects though. Just currently not Nuke ones.

Mocha can import Silhouette .sfx project files. To import a project:

  1. Open or create a project with matching footage and same dimensions as the Silhouette file. This is important. Your Silhouette project file will need to match the frame rate, dimensions and length of the Mocha project to correctly import.
  2. Go to File → Import → SFX Project Shapes…​
  3. Choose a Silhouette sfx project file. If you are in OS X, you may need to navigate inside the sfx package to find the actual project file.
  4. Click Open

The Silhouette project will then convert any Bezier and X-splines to native Mocha splines and appear in the project.
If there are any B-Spline layers in the project, these will not be imported as they are currently not supported.

We certainly would like to add a host-side matte input into the Mocha plugin. It makes a lot of sense.
Nuke roto import is also a very good idea.

We just have to work out where it can fit into the schedule!