Nuke caching

What’s the best workflow to do fast-tracking in the OFX plug-in in Nuke?

There seems to be no pre-caching option, so I’m thinking that tracking a JPEG sequence, instead of a DPX, play the footage through to produce the cache, then start tracking.

Yeah, with the Mocha Pro plugin it’s all about how it caches in the host, if that will make Nuke cache faster I would definitely try experimenting with file formats. Keep in mind though, JPEG compression can compromise Mocha tracks when pushed too high on compression. Mocha tracks individual pixels, and compression blows that data away.

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In my experience if you have your input read node properly localized and enough memory assigned to Nuke to fully cache the input to mocha prior to opening, i.e. play through the clip full frame and have it playback at speed, then mocha OFX is much much quicker than the standalone since you do not have to recache the input again in standalone.

Also if possible put the OFX plug right after the read to make sure there’s no unnecessary calculations going on.

I can work with 32bpp exr’s and don’t find any meaningful difference between that and 10bit dpx sequences.

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Thanks! I’ll check that out.