Nuke Export & Beta 1.2.0

Hello Imagineer,

Your Nuke export routine is invalid, as you’ve assigned Tracker 3 and Tracker 4 backwards, which means if you import the files directly as exported to a Nuke cornerpin node your results will have the Top Left and Top Right data the wrong way round.

I’d also like to contact someone at your office on a better way to do this all around. I wrote a python script to do this by taking your already valid .shk export and recreating that as a Nuke tracker node … it works better, doesn’t invert the top corners, and requires only a single output file and a single input. It’s on fxshare if you want to try and install it on Nuke, otherwise I can just send you a mapping that shows exactly how to export your corner data as a .nk file that the user could simply drag and drop into Nuke’s DAG, much like your current Shake behavior.



Ok, now I’ve written a new version of my parser for Nuke exports from Mocha.

This one will use some very simple logic to see if you’re using a set of ASCII export files exactly as it currently exports from Mocha 1.2.0 or if you’re using a .shk export from this or an earlier version.

In either case it then parses the data, creates a Nuke Tracker node in your DAG, then loads the Tracker with the created data and turns on all the different calculations. So far I’ve tested it as a matchmove or a stabilize and in either case it seems to work.

I’ve also flipped the Tracker 3 and Tracker 4 assignments so that the cornerpin now seems to work if you copy the tracker data directly into a cornerpin node … this needs some more testing, so anyone wants to give me feedback send it to

Also, please everyone note that it’s Nuke 5.0 or higher, MUST have python support.

Tell your friends.