Nuke exporter

I noticed that exporting a shape to the Nuke v6.2 Roto puts each spline under a layer group in the roto node inside Nuke.


that the roto group has moblur turned on. It’d be nice if the shape node (the child) also was also on by default.



Are you using the standalone or the plugin?

If you’re using the standalone, you may be able to customise this using the python export API.

stand alone. Not sure if I could work it out without some kinda guidance.



We could add this as a feature down the road, but you can definitely do this with Python customisation in mocha V5 standalone.

Check the Python Guide in the help menu for a handle on where to start.

To be clear, can you point out the exact control you want turned on by default?

if you copy/paste a shape into Nuke using the 6.2 exporter, you get Root -> Group(has layer name you set in Mocha)->spline

if you click on the Group and switch to the Motion Blur tab in the Properties for the roto node, you’ll see under the Shape Blur section that the motionblur property has a checkbox on the left side of the slider and it’s “On”

if you click on the spline it’s not “on”.

Doesn’t seem like the group carries any transform data even if you tracked in mocha, so having it on and the spline off doesn’t actually do anything.



Thanks, we’ll add this to feature requests!

Can we have the Nuke roto export adjusted so that the folders in Mocha carry over to nuke, i know we can use python to modify this but it would be great to have this adjusted in the native exporter as well as not generating a folder for each layer.

Additionally being able to export from Mocha by just selecting the folder vs highlighting the contents of the folder to speed up workflow.