Nuke OFX Frame Range Problem

I’m having an issue where, when launching the Mocha Pro plugin from Nuke I’m only getting 1 frame.
Nuke Indie 13.2v2 Mocha Version 9.0.2 build 197.gf6fc24f1d655
Build Date Jan 20 2022

Thanks for the help

Hi, i don’t know if this wll be any help at all, but last yr i had a prob with just one clip that Mocha wouldn’t recognise, i changed the length of the clip by just one frame & it recognised it :man_shrugging:

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This worked for me. I switched the frame range back and it was still working. Must be a bug. Thanks!!

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Happens frequently. Sometimes re-opening a second time works. I’ve also seen a difference if a viewer is pointed at your node or not. But not enough data to establish the pattern for certain. Definitely seems like a bug / unintended behavior and a bit annoying.

I’ve seen this primarily in Nuke 13.1v1. Not sure if it’s present in all versions.

You need to attach the Mocha Pro node to a viewer node before opening the interface. The frames don’t get properly cached if Nuke isn’t showing them.