Nuke OFX Plugin Hotkeys Not Working


I’m attempting to open the Silhouette OFX plugin from nuke which works fine except none of the hotkeys seem to work. Is this a known issue?
I’m on AWS Nimble Centos7 Gnome if that helps.


Do you see any errors in your Silhouette console view?

This is what I get:

ImportError: This package should not be accessible on Python 3. Either you are trying to run from the python-future src folder or your installation of python-future is corrupted.

I think it’s related to having two python versions installed?

Silhouette should be using the copy of Python bundled with it, which is Python 3. Are you overriding the Silhouette Python environment by setting SFX_PYTHONHOME or did you change the bundled python lib somehow?