Nuke Viewer preferences bug

Title: [Build 13275] Nuke Viewer preferences bug

Version: Mocha Plugin v5.5.2 build 13275

Platform: Mac OS X 10.12.6, Mac Pro 12 x 3.46, GTX 1080, 48GB RAM

Description: Clicking the little hamburger/arrow button on the upper right of the Mocha plug-in window in Nuke 11.0 v3 causes the viewer preferences window to open behind the Mocha window.

To reproduce: Click the little hamburger/arrow button on the upper right. It will seem like nothing is happening but it is opening the window in the background.

Expected: Preference window will open on top

Actual: It is opens the window in the background.

Regression: I’m pretty new to using it in the plug-in so I don’t know if this used to open on top, but it works that way in the stand alone.

Hey Brian, thanks for this. It’s a problem we’re aware of but we still haven’t fixed it yet. :blush:

I notice you’re running 5.5.2 there though. Any reason you’re not on V5.6.0?

I have 5.6.0 Prerelease for the standalone. I thought when I did the upgrade it did the plug-in and standalone. I guess upgrading the plug-in is a separate step. I’ll check it out.