Numerical keys are not working inside Silhouette 2021

Just installed silhouette2021 and noticed that my numerical keys in the right side of the keyboard are not working inside the software. Is there any workaround for this issue or is it a pipeline related stuff with the new Python3 thing?
Its working perfectly inside sfx2020!


This is working for me using 2021.5 on Windows. What OS are you using?

its linux in here

Ah, ok. I thought you were on Windows. There is an open issue logged for this on Linux.

oh! so this is a known issue which is still under progress? Am i right?

Yes, that’s correct. It is slated for the 2022 release of Silhouette. It requires an upgrade to the new version of the interface tool kit we use.

That’s really bad, have to wait till another release to use the sfx2021 in my work.

Sorry about that. Out of curiosity, what kind of work are you doing that necessities using the Num-Pad in Silhouette and how often are you using it?

Its habitual for me to use num pad for all its use. hoping to see the update soon, Thanks