NumPad is not working as we expected

Hi there,

We are currently using Silhouette 2021.5 which is one great release compared to the last three. We are using it under linux Centos 7 and we are experiencing a weird behavior with the numpad. We are expecting that you enter a number and that number would go in the parameter edited but instead, only num+8 and num+2 is working for increment and deincrement by 1. I know you qrote that the numpad was fixed so I don’t know if it is working like that now or there is still something to be changed.

Can you help me please?

Michel Bergeron

@mbergeron Some, but not all Num Pad issues were resolved. There are open issues for the remaining problems. These Num Pad issues are a result of a bug in the version of the QT user interface toolkit that we use and will require upgrading to a newer version. We plan on doing so for the next major release.

Thanks for your answer. We’ll look forward for the next major release then.

@marco What version after 2021.5 is the numpad issues completely fixed in on Centos 7?

@joshbarham The NumPad issues were fixed in 2021.0. However, some customers continue to have issues. We believe the fix for this will require upgrading to the newest version of QT–the interface toolkit we use. This is planned for Silhouette 2022.