Nvidia 1070 support issue

  1. Does Boris Continuum FX uses GPU/CUDA with 1070? Can’t find NVIDIA GTX 1070 in support list.
    If not, any chance to do smth to start using it?
  2. I know this is not mocha part of forum but…i can’t select my GPU in mocha plugin… it says “GPU Processing is not supported”. any solutions?

MSI GE63 Laptop / Intel i7-8750H / NVIDIA GTX 1070 (Full version)

Continuum should be able to use that card for most of it’s GPU rendering. Continuum in general has quite wide support across GPU models.

As for the Mocha, it’s GPU requirements are more stringent. I suggest posting on the Mocha forum to make sure the you get the most accurate answer regarding GPU Mocha support.

Sorry, should be able to use that card or BCC actually uses it? how to check it?
i’m asking because bcc slows down premiere, like it’s using CPU.

That depends on what you’re actually doing in Continuum. Which filters are you using? Are you evaluating render performance or other activities like tracking inside Mocha? Most Continuum filters that use the GPU will be guaranteed to be using it unless you see rendered error messages. A subset of Continuum filters may fall back to CPU processing on some GPUs. You can private message me with your Continuum log file which may contain some info, but the most important thing it know is which filters you are using. The Continuum log file is found by opening the Licensing or Prefs dialogs and hitting the button to launch the log file. Then PM through the forum or email directly to jclement at borisfx dot com.