NVIDIA Driver Problems - GPU Missing in Mocha Pro - Now Fixed in Mocha Pro 6.0.1

We have noticed a problem with recent NVIDIA driver versions, which causes the GPU to stop working in Mocha for tracking and remove.

The problem started with GeForce driver version 416.81 and Quadro driver version 416.78, on Windows 10. With these or newer drivers, the NVIDIA GPU will not appear in the list of available GPUs in Mocha preferences, so tracking and remove will use the CPU or a different, non-NVIDIA GPU if the system has one.

We are in contact with NVIDIA about the problem and will post an update when we have any news on a fix from either our or their side. In the meantime, please do not update your drivers beyond the following versions:

GeForce/TITAN: 416.34
Quadro: 411.95

If you have already upgraded, previous driver versions are available from the NVIDIA Advanced Driver Search page.


Yey. Thank you for the new update. GPU Processing is now working for GeForce ver. 417.22

Note for users experiencing this issue.

We have now released maintenance release Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.1. You can download this here, or get it from the software update when prompted:

What about Mocha AE?
Even with the newest update from Adobe Cloud my Titan X is still not recognized with the most recent drivers installed.

Do you have unsupported cards also checked in preferences? Does it appear then?

Hi Martin,

I have the same problem with Titan X, and “unsupported cards” can’t be checked as you can see in this screen : https://ibb.co/x1zq2GQ

It would be unfair to have to pay a new version for a problem of incompatibility when it is supposed to be supported …

I upgrated to Mocha 2019.5. NVidea-driver is 416.34, host application Avid Mediacomposer 2018.12.3.
GForce 1060. The card is supported. Still no GPU support.

That’s quite an old driver, did you try updating to the most recent one?
Is this on Mac or Windows?

Its a Windows PC. Normally the driver update is part of the Media Composer Update. Yesterday I observed that sometimes GPU support is running sometimes not. I have no idea what is the reason.