NVIDIA Driver Problems - GPU Missing in Mocha Pro - Now Fixed in Mocha Pro 6.0.1

GForce GTX 1650 version 460.89.
I have the same issue with mocha ae. In the preferences panel, GPU tab right under the “Allow unsupported GPUs” it says " GPU processing is not supported "
I have downloaded the new version of mocha pro plugin 2021, but that’s not working either.
Could you tell me what should I do? Cuz it’s too slow when I’m tracking in mocha.
Should I download the old version of my graphic card or is there any other solution?

What version of Mocha are you on? This should have been fixed in the latest version of Mocha.

I have Nvidia GeForce gtx 1660 I also have the same issue with mocha. GPU processing is not working. even I have updated the driver from the free driver updater software. can anyone help me with that. should i have to unistall the driver?

Please always tell us what version of Mocha you are using.
Always use official installers, not random driver updaters on the internet.

I have fixed my problem by updating the NVIDIA driver from device manager