Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 support coming?

Hi, is Open CL support coming for the Quadro RTX 4000 soon? I thought given that this tier of cards for previous generations had been available, and that some of the RTX cards from this gen are that it’d be happening soon…

Is there some way to get the “allow unsupported GPUs” tick box to take in the meantime. At the moment, you tick it, restart AE and it does seem to do anything - just reverts back to being unticked…


We are working to support as many cards as possible. This one is on our list. Please stand by.

Lovely, thank you! I don’t suppose that has any bearing on the AE version? I’m guessing you only really have control of Pro, directly?

Because of development cycles, the AE version is about six months behind Pro. But yes, we support as many cards as we can as soon as we can for all our versions.