Object positioning in 3ds Max

I have been achieving very stable and pleasingly impressive object compositions with 3ds Max 2014 using the FBX exporter. My limited range of tests would suggest that placing objects at the centre null yields the very best results (with respect to vibration and drifting)

I guess that placing the object anywhere in the plane should be equally stable but this is just what I have found. Furthermore, if you place an object outside a tracked plane, you will experience vibration and possibly drifting.
I have also found that setting the pivot point of the 3D object is sometimes necessary for perfect results.

I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but a 3D test object in Mocha would be very useful. A 3D camera view would be great too :slight_smile:


Thank you*informed me.

Thanks for your suggestion. We have that on our wish list. But yes, you will always want to place the objects near your nulls. That’s currently the suggested workflow.