Object removal and occlusions

I’m hoping that someone might be able to help answer a quick question. I am new to Mocha Pro but am trying to work out if I can use it to remove a static tripod from a 360 video. I’ve managed to do this successfully in Adobe by using clean plates and this seems to work brilliantly but the issue that I’m having is that there are occasional instances where I have an occlusion with a background object (e.g. when someone walks behind the tripod) and this causes a massive artifact when I remove the tripod as background object essentially disappears and then reappears the other side of the remove. Is there anything that I can do to address this? I started looking into tracking occluded objects but I couldn’t work out how this would work with removal of the foreground object (i.e. whether this will then allow Mocha to essentially “fill in the gap”) and generally got rather lost… If anyone is able to give me any advice on this it would be very much appreciated!

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@user84 Hi, Sorry i’ll be no help at all but i’m fairly new to Mocha & interested in this,
can you post a screen shot of your Mocha?
I’ve been practicing with this & finally figured it out, i track the man & the background, & can remove him no prob even when he goes behind the silver car, but when the red car goes through that get’s removed also,
so i tracked the red car & Mocha then ignores it in the remove,
I understand this is prob nothing like yours but i’m interested in the view of learning :+1::blush:

Well, with occlusions, you usually just have to do a lot of roto and sometimes rotopaint. If the person walks in front of your object you need to remove, roto is the solution. If they walk behind it, that’s a serious problem and a lot of paint to attempt.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your advice. It thought I’d also add a screenshot in case that is helpful to give an idea of the problem (and also for Gid.Joiner who was asking). It may well not be doable but I thought it would be worth asking as it is for our wedding video so I’ll happily pay for the license if it can. Obviously, the shot set up is not ideal but a friend was filming and it is not something I can really reshoot!

Many thanks again.

Hi, i don’t think any program would be able to do this perfectly,
Mocha is quite happy as you’ve seen to replace the background after the object is removed if the background is in a consistent state, it uses the previous & following images to fill in the gap, but a person walking past is a fluid object, it’s moving & changing shape, so Mocha will have a go but the result will prob be messed up,
You can tell Mocha at the bottom to change it’s Search Range so you might get a better result but I think it would be back to using cleanplates & painting/cloning in the missing parts of the person,
We’ll see what Mary thinks

Like I said, if there are people moving behind the object you need to remove, you are going to have a hard time finding any solution that isn’t a whole bunch of rotopaint. I don’t have a good solution here for you outside of tedious hand paint work.

No problem, I suspected this might be the case. Thanks both for all of your advice.