Object removal / mocha / need advice

Hello! i need to do a removal operation in this shot. I need this guy to get into a portal and dissapear. But im quite lost to where to start. Can you please orient me on how to achieve this? thanks!

The main problem you’ll have with removing the jumper from this shot is the multiple levels of parallax in the trees.

The mocha remove module works by tracking planes in the background and then using the motion of that track to remove foreground objects at other points in time.
The issue you’ll have here is that the tree line has quite a few levels of motion, and you’ll need to capture that for a flawless remove.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is mask out the jumper. A basic hand-animated mask will do, you don’t need to track it, but tracking may speed up the process.
  2. Secondly I would track a mask for the ground, any part that he is covering. Make sure you are tracking this layer BELOW the jumper layer so that it is occluded.
  3. Then I would track and roto the main large tree, again behind the jumper in the layer stack.

This is the first step that will get you MOST of the remove work done. If you want to test this, go to the Remove tool, select the jumper layer and try removing a frame towards the end of the shot. The next part is harder:

  1. You will need to track and mask the smaller trees in the far background, as well as the background BEHIND those trees! Any parallax is going to cause a change, so you could possibly get away with just tracking the whole background behind the large foreground tree, but you will most likely get artifacts if you don’t track all parallax.

I hpe this gives you a first step. If you need some help laying this out, feel free to send us a downloadable clip of the shot and we will show you the basics.