Object removal over spinning talent

I’m new to Mocha Pro and I’ve been watching hours of tutorials on tracking and object removal, but so far nothing I’ve tried has worked.

I need to remove the chain from several clips like this:

This seems like a perfect job for Mocha, but I can’t seem to find the right procedure. Can anyone walk me through it or point me to the right tutorial? I’m starting to doubt this is something Mocha can do, but I may just not be good enough to figure it out.

I have several minutes of this footage, so frame by frame repainting isn’t really an option. I’m really stuck here and any help is very much appreciated.


So you want to remove a chain in your video? You can track an object in Mocha using a rough spline which you track, then create a more detailed spline and parent it to your track. I know that’s kind of a bad explanation, but HitFilm has a great tutorial that explains it here. In that video, they show how to add a light saber handle back in, but by changing the blend mode you can remove an object instead.

I don’t know if you’re using HitFilm, but it should work regardless since they’re using Mocha in the tutorial.

I hope that helps!

Hi Rick,

I’ve responded to your case request instead, but for clarity on the forum:

You’re right, the girl rotating underneath the chain is going to be your biggest problem.
Mocha requires any object BEHIND the object you’re trying to remove to be tracked accurately. This means for her, her legs and body may need to be tracked accurately in order correct clean out the footage.

In other words, not very easy, especially if you have several minutes of footage to work with and she is going to keep contorting her body around the hoop like that.

Since it’s a chain, you may be able to get away with a simpler filled wire removal method, but I imagine there would be significant artefacts from that approach regardless.

I wish I could give you better news!

Thank you Martin for your response Martin. Although this isn’t the way to shoot footage for object removal, what I’ve learned over the past couple of days is how powerful Mocha is. I’m really impressed with it!