Object removal question

I used to mocha to clean up some plates on some logo replacements for a gig awhile and it worked perfectly. When I was on another project with a long tracking shot on a dolly that tracks forward and back again with multiple people crossing through the object, the grid was all over the place. what are some tips to counter that? I was able to finish it within after effects by using the 3d camera tracker and it worked perfectly and quickly but I wasted 4 hours trying to get it to work in mocha when it went by quickly in after effects. The roto in mocha was no problem but removing something so it doesn’t jitter when it gets crossed by multiple people walking in front of it, mocha loses its ability to track even when I roto the people who cross it. It was giving a popup saying that not enough information was available for it to continue.

yeah, I had a separate masks above the object layer but it would go off once the people crossed the clean plate

I probably can’t get the plates from the studio right now but there were 3 people who crossed in front of the clean plate and they kind of slowly moved their way across the clean plate with the camera move. Their movement and shadows just made things sort of tricky with mocha. The roto was done perfectly and I have no problem with that.

Without seeing the shot, there is no way to know what is causing that. But you have to hold people out of your track and animated textures out of your track. You can only get mocha to ignore objects that obscure a track when they move quickly.

Common problems to avoid are slow moving shadows, reflections, and flashes. As well as animated objects. Track one plane at a time.

Did you avoid the shadows and people when you tracked?