Object removal - smooth edges

i am trying to get a cleanplate with the new mocha pro, i want to remove a foreground object and it almost look good, but in some frames you can see that “new content” fits not perfect and you can see some borders between the new filled and the old background. is there a possibilty to smooth or feather this edges??
thanks in advance!

If the image is not fitting right, you might want to check your planar track on the BG area to make sure the data is locked on. That sounds like part of the problem.
If there’s not enough info on the background to create a solid cleanplate, you’ll need to adjust one in photoshop and use that in your remove for best results.
I also recommend expanding the edge of the spline you are using to define the remove for better blending. You’ll get the cleanest results this way.
You can feather the edge using edge properties and adding a feathered edge all over the whole shape, or you can just pull the feather points out with the uber key in certain places where you need better results.
Hope that helps!