Occluding objects with mocha plugin in silhouette


I was wandering if there is a way to occlude objects when using the mocha tracker in the plugin for silhouette? I understand how to do this in the stand alone mochapro but I can’t figure out how to do it within silhouette.

Many thanks!

Welcome @ry33 ry33

Here you go:

  1. Create a shape around the object that you would like to track and place it in a layer.
  2. Create a shape around the area that you would like to exclude from the tracking process and keyframe it as needed. Set the shape’s Blend mode to Subtract.
  3. Place the subtractive shape above the layer containing the primary tracking shape.
  4. Select the layer you are tracking and then add the subtract shape to the selection by using Ctrl/Cmd-click.
  5. Hit either the Track Forward or Backward button depending on which direction you are tracking.
    Now the area within the subtract shape is not analyzed by the Planar or Mocha trackers.
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Brilliant! Thanks Marco :slight_smile: