OCIO error in 2022.0.1

I am unable to use some of OCIO config in 2022.0.1 and 2022.0.2.

I was able to use ACES 1.0.3 ocio config with 2022.0.0 fine,
but in 2022.0.1/2022.0.2, it does not apply view transform correctly.
The image in the viewer looks as if there is no view transform applied.
The image will change if the input colorspace has changed,
so it seems that it’s only the view transform that is not being applied correctly.

ACES 1.0.3 config can be found here:
OpenColorIO-Configs/config.ocio at master · imageworks/OpenColorIO-Configs · GitHub

This is a known issue and is fixed in the upcoming 2022.0.3 point release coming out soon.

This issue is now fixed and included in Silhouette 2022.0.3 available here:

Hi Marco,
thanks for the update.
I tried out the latest version, and it’s working now!