Ocio implementation is missing displays and views

I’m trying to setup the standalone Mochapro in our pipeline to match the color of every other DCC. In a majority of the DCC’s the viewer use OCIO’s displays and views (Silhouette has this).

Mochapro 2020 seems to just have a the equivalent of an OCIOColorspace node in the viewer. We have a whole system of using OCIO’s displays, view and looks so you can apply per shot cdl’s, luts, etc… based on the current shot you are working in so nothing is burned in to the plate.

Is there any plan to implement this in Mochapro?

Happily, this should already be implemented if I understand you correctly. Mocha OFX plugins now sync to the Silhouette OCIO color profiles and you can load OCIO configs directly into Mocha plugins and the standalone.

You can also use the built-in OCIO preferences in the Mocha Viewer Preferences. OCIO viewer preferences are now saved with the project.

You can see more in our documentation about OCIO workflows here: https://borisfx.com/support/documentation/mocha/7.5.1/#OCIO

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.