Offset Start frame to match AE?


There is a reoccurrence issue I run into all the time when using In & out points in AE.

When opening Mocha from Ae, Mocha has a different start frame #.

For example, in Ae my start frame is 1 - 200, when mocha opens, it’s 5156 - 5356

This becomes very annoying to I have to reference the same frame between AE & Mocha.

I understand that this is happening because Mocha is using the “actual frame” from the entire clip, however, at least in Ae, the 1st start frame is 1 when you precompose.

Is there a way to offset the start time in Mocha to match?


If you trim your comp to your work area, sometimes that will fix this issue for you. The real issue is that mocha AE doesn’t read the AE timeline, it reads the original clip. A more streamlined workflow involves the mocha Pro plugin, because it reads from and writes to your timeline. But standalone versions of mocha have their limitations re: clip settings.

Try that and let me know,