OFX Continuum and MacBook M1


I just hit the Continuum OFX do not work on M1 MacBook Resolve roadblock… Is there a M1 compatible beta waiting list? Many thanks!


We are working on adding support for the Apple M1 processor to Continuum and expect to have that ready in the forth quarter at the latest, maybe sooner.

Meanwhile, if it is of interest to you, our sister VFX plugin product Sapphire already supports the M1 processor and is available for download from our website.


Great news, thanks Peter

So disappointed. Stupidly thought that Continuum would support M1 (it is just a processor after all). I am looking at the native Adobe sharpener to see if that will do the trick. The only effect I was using was VR Sharpener. :unamused: Please me know if there is something else I can use, and yes hoping for support asap.

The Boris FX Sapphire plugin set supports M1 (on hosts which support M1 such as Resolve). The Sapphire set doesn’t have a dedicated VR sharpening filter, but in the case of sharpen you might be able to get by with the normal Sapphire sharpen effect without excessive seam artifacts depending on the footage. You can download the installer and run it as a free trial to check it out. It will watermark and might be restricted to lower resolutions but hopefully it would be enough to let you test it out.

Hello Peter,

Any updates on an ETA? We are in 4th quarter I believe…? Just bought a MacBook Pro 16inch with M1 Max and was hoping to use it to finish a show while on the road… Gonna return the MacBooK Pro if we’re still weeks away from a BCC M1 release. Thanks!

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Hi Francios,

We have not yet announced the release date for Continuum 2022, which includes native support for the M1 processor. It’ll happen fairly soon but I can’t provide the exact release dates - I don’t want to pop the marketing balloon. :slight_smile:

Are you interested in signing up for our Continuum beta program? If you do that then you can work with the Continuum beta M1 native filters while you await the release version and while doing so you could provide us with some feedback on performance etc while working with the product on your new M1 beast.

Please send me a private message if beta participation is of interest to you. You can reach me here : (peterm@borisfx.com)


Great news Peter and yes, I’m interested in the beta! Sending you a private message right away, thanks.

I am running Monterey with FCP 10.6 on a M1 Max MacBook Pro with 64 GB ram. I just upgraded to the Image Restoration units for Continuum 2021 which is really just three new obscure plugins and lacking everything in the 2020 version. I can install the 2020 version and nothing seems to work. Is anything really compatible with my system?

Continuum 2021.5 for FCP/Fxplug does support running on M1 hardare, but Continuum 2020.x and earlier do not support M1.

Thanks. The 2021.5 Image Restoration unit filters have absolutely nothing to do with the earlier versions and do not in any way do any of the things that the earlier versions did, applying blur more than anything. Is there any plan to release an M1 compatible version. Just paid for the “upgrade” for the 2021.5 version and it really should not be using the same name. You would think a big target audience for a complete set of filters would be using the new M1 Macs, which ave been out for over a year.