OFX Glow Mask

Just started playing with the OFX Sapphire plugins for Flame.
In the Glow, I was looking to try to use it like the old Glow Mask, but can not figure out how to use an alpha as a mask?

Whenever the question is “how do I add a mask…” or “it would be nice to have X effect added to Y effect”, my answer is always: have you tried Builder (S_Effect)? In there you can add a mask to effects that don’t have a mask input and much, much more.


Good point, Alan.

Question - have you ever had a request for motion tracking with Sapphire effects? I can see it being useful in the same way as it is with Particle Illusion. Naturally this wouldn’t apply to all effects but some (like a fog) should move with the camera motion. Of course, there may be a way to accomplish this already using Sapphire and perhaps Mocha Pro but I’m not familiar enough with these workflows (I actually posted this as a question in a separate thread but have received no responses which makes me think that I’ve overlooked the obvious).