OFX in Flame

Long time user, first-ish time poster.

In the OFX in flame, is there a way to have the OFX out put each matte as it’s own layer.

Currently what I’m doing is is having to duplicate the OFX, and turn on/off the layers I don’t want. It would cool if I could just have multiple outputs from the node, for the layers I want.


If you’re processing them through the plugin then yes, you need multiple instances.

However, you can also export black and white mattes as renders you can use over and over, or you can also export Flame Gmask scripts as well and use those however you like as well.

It will just depend on what you need.


Thanks Mary!

Ya, I was hoping for a more non-destructive workflow, so you can update procedurally. Sometimes these green screen mattes get complicated, and need tweaking.

Flipping it to a Gmask is great, and a great addition. It just has two drawbacks. It’s slow to do, you have to save and import. Second, it keyframes each frame, so making adjustments are difficult.

I mean, Mocha for mattes is such a great way to go, honestly superior to anything. It allows you to make mattes faster, but it gets cumbersome when you are trying to really fine tune, if you have to start making multiple instances.

My dream, is multiple matte outputs (each matte gets it’s own output), and a one click, “make flame gmask button”. instead of the saving round trip.

Thanks for your time!

This sounds like a feature request we can let @martinb know about! :slight_smile: