OFX Mocha Pro in Fusion doesn't import Anamorphic footage correctly

I’ve got footage in Fusion that is Anamorphic with a 2:1 pixel aspect ratio. When I launch the Mocha Pro plugin in Fusion, the footage is squished.

Hi there, we have a bug filed for this so we’re hoping to address it in the next few releases.
For our notes, are you seeing this in a specific version?

It’s Mocha Pro OFX Plugin 6.0.3 build 29.ge687ee832d2a

And Fusion Studio 9.0.2 build 15

I’m using a resize node to get the footage into a square aspect to work with in Mocha. Exporting shapes seem to come back to Fusion fine and line up with the footage, but trying to work with the corner pin information doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to work with this?

Any update on this???

Still nothing???

Let me ask @martinb

Not yet, sorry :frowning: This is currently a limitation in the OFX plugin architecture.

For the time being, the workaround is to resize the image using a Resize node in pixels, rather than aspect ratio. This will force the aspect ratio.