OFX Mocha Pro in Fusion doesn't import Anamorphic footage correctly

Thanks for letting us know @Alenskas. BMD did not inform us, but this is great news!

Hi. Yes well done BM - thats great news! things are getting much easier now to work with lens in mocha and also other tools to react correctly with anamorphic footage like frishluft etc.

I am now still stuck with stMaps. any update from BorisFX on when they hope to have this fixed?

Our project deadlines are not moving and we are having to do a lot of workarounds.
instead of stMaps im using a mocha beginning and end of chain with import lens data to render undistort and distort. thats okay but now my stmaps less useful for other apps and also im sure stmaps would be lighter in application that the mocha pro node. Also fusion likes to crash when using multiple mocha nodes inside one comp (something else to look into?) so this method is infuriating. need to render down after undistort and disable/remove mocha node.

We have a potential solution in the works. I can DM you an alpha to test the new solution when it’s passed QA.

@martinb that would be wonderful - thank you