OFX Pan and Zoom - No workflow option

I’m using Pan and Zoom which seems to work well on my system overall, however there is no “workflow” dialog that I can see and the plugin goes from transform A on frame 1 to transform B on frame 2 and stays there for the entire shot. I want auto transform A->B but can’t find the setting.

Boris Continuum OFX 2020.5 / Resolve Studio 16.2.8

Hi, i don’t use Fusion very often but i get the same result, Pan n zoom added in the Edit mode works fine but in Fusion it instantly jumps to the Position B on the second frame, I even tried playing with keyframes but no joy

Gotcha. I’ll try it in Edit mode. Thanks!

Ok. That worked. As you said, Boris CC doesn’t like the fusioin page on this release.

Problem solved!

In general, Continuum is unsupported in the Fusion tab. You may find that some filters will operate as expected but it’s not officially supported.

Hi Peter,
Is that the case with the latest version as well?

Yes, this is also true of the latest version of Continuum.

Mine is the most recent version of Continuum

Copy. Thx.