OFX Plugin - Save Project

Does autosave actually do anything inside of the plugin - just crashed and lost more work than the autosave interval, (5 mins), would have allowed for ?

Does the “Save Project” button do anything inside of the plugin ? Can I use this to manually force a save ?


You can manually use a save project button to save the work, yes. Autosave will work as long as AE itself doesn’t crash. We are working on a solution to save separate auto saves files so when AE crashes you have a backup. Since the save is written to the layer, the AE project must also be saved for it to save with it.

Did you happen to recall what the crash was related to? We would like to hear about any specifics on crashes so we can address them in patch updates.


I not totally sure but since I had another one today which also took out Nuke completely and lost about a ½ hrs work I know at the time I was bouncing around between manual track and auto and I think I had adjusted a surface in manual on a key frame and was trying to figure out how to delete that key frame to get back into auto and somewhere in that whole flurry of keystrokes I ended up with the “fast exit”.

Happy to send you any logs if you want them.


Yes please!

You can send to martinb[at]imagineersystems.com