OFX Plugin

Hi, I recently bought the bundle and now realised that there are 2 ofx versions. Why is that? I thought OFX was an open standard. If I want to use Sapphire/Boris in Resolve and Premiere do I have to purchase seperate versions?

There is only one OFX Sapphire plugin, but options for different OS installers, like Linux, Mac, or Win.


I can see the plugins in resolve but not in premiere.

Any ideas

You would need to install the adobe installer to use in Premiere.

Hi Brian, I installed the Adobe version but my licence was rejected.

Sapphire works but BCC doesnt.

BCC works in resolve.

This is really a support case. It’s hard to diagnose what’s going on in a forum. Please fill out a ticket at Boris FX | Open a Case and we will get you squared away!