OFX Version of mocha not rendering

I’m trying to remove some Lensdust from a shot. After using the usual steps - track background and remove layer everything is working in Mocha (Pro and VR version) – Removal is working on Testframes. When i activate the render module in Fusion nothing happens – the plate is not processed and nothing is removed.

Tested environments – Fusion, Natron.

You are referring to Fusion as a standalone program, right?

Yes, Version 9.02 - Martin told me that Davinci is not supported…

We are seeing some slower rendering inside of Fusion and are trying to figure out where the performance hit is coming from. Please render within Mocha and export your rendered clip when you are done. It is not an ideal workaround, but it should prevent you from missing any deadlines for this shot while we pinpoint this issue.


Hi Mary,

how do I export the results from the remove tool?

The standalone version has on the left side of the interface an “Input clip” and an “Output Clip” Tab. The OFX version has only the “Input Tab”. When I go to Export Rendered Clip I can not find how to export the result of the Removal .

Roto is really slow as we discussed in an other thread and I know you are researching why… but in this case of the remove tool it is just outputting the input clip without rendering anything - although it is rendering correctly inside of mocha - activating of the checkbox “Render” and selecting which module does nothing.

Am I missing something ?


Hi Jörg-Mark,

You have to render in Mocha to create the remove output clip. So in the Remove Module, go to the first frame, and hit render forward on the timeline. Once the render is complete, you can export it using export rendered clip.


Hi Mary, rendering out from Vegas after inserting an image from the track above, Insert Layer, in Mocha Pro was really slow today, it was ok yesterday, all drivers & updates are up to date, dunno, that’s Vegas being rubbish but it doesn’t really matter because after reading this & watching a few (all😉) the Boris vids, you mention rendering times have been improved a lot, so i rendered in Mocha using the arrow keys with a star in, then exported rendered clip. it took a fraction of the time, the rendering within Mocha was v-good & the export was literally a case of the file being transferred to my desktop, I think that’s the way now, it took about 3mins for a 6sec clip in Vegs, About a minute going straight out of Mocha, (most of time spent was clicking buttons in the pop-ups to choose destination & format😂)
Thanks :+1:

Yeah, sometimes that’s just the easier option.