Old .il3 files?

Just wondering if I can use my old .il3 files from my original version of Particle Illusion circa 2004. If so can’t seem to figure how to get the program to recognize/load the old files.

First, a warning: I would only do this with old pI3 libraries that you created yourself (ones that have all original content). We’ve already included all of the decent old pI3 emitters in the new libraries (but removed a lot of the older, weaker ones). If you just convert all of your old libraries you will end up with lots of duplicates and unknown performance results. Plus those old libraries don’t have searchable tags, have small thumbnails, etc.

So that being said, just copy your old .il3 files to the following folder:
Library/Application Support/BorisFX/UserEmitterLibraries
Program Data\BorisFX\UserEmitterLibraries

Copy, don’t Move – you’ll want to keep a backup of the original versions because once these get edited and saved you won’t be able to load them in pI3 again.

Putting them in the “UserEmitterLibraries” folder will let you edit them in PI (so you can update the thumbnail image, add tags, etc.)

Again, PLEASE do NOT do this with every single .il3 file that was available for pI3 – you’ll have a mess.


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Thanks for the heads-up Alan. Will cautiously give it a try!

Hi Alan,

first thanks to you and your team for bringing back particle illusion as a standalone version.

are the old (paid) power emitters included in the new 2500 emitters?

Yes they are!

its been awhile but where can I find the emitters located? specifically after a save a customization of a preset

In these folders.