One license on two PC's?

Hi Folks,

I’m going to purchase the Optics license, the permanent once for $149. I found some thread where the discussion was on de/activating the Optics License. See here: License activation

As i have to switch between two PC’s on a regular basis, I want to ask, if i can install the software on both PC and activate it always on the PC where I am working with.

How can this be done with Optics2022, as i saw in the other forum post (see link above), that it didn’t work there.

Thanks for any tipps :wink:


Welcome @werner Although Optics can be installed on multiple machines, only one can be activated at a time. To deactivate, select Help > License and deactivate. Once deactivated, when you launch Optics on another machine, you will be prompted to activate.

If you would like to have two machines activated at all times, you would need to purchase two licenses. I can offer you 50% off the second license. If you are interested, please send a request here and for Nick Rodrigues: Boris FX | Contact Us

Marco, thanks for your answer. I’ll go to buy one license of Optics and if it’s getting to laborious for me in activating and deactivating; I’ll come back on your offer. Right now I’ll change only the PC if i have a heavy render job to do and my main PC is occupied by this job.

Once more again, thanks for your information and quick feedback.


This is really an annoying feature on Optics or any Borixfx program. It seems you can only do this one every 30 days . So if you are on the go 1 week with your laptop and you return home you can’t get it back to work on your desktop. Imagine you had to purchase 2 licenses, I don’t care, with a 50% or a 90% discount, on the dozens of programs you have installed on your computer.

This is really a greedy policy from Boris and I guess one of the reasons it is not so popular among many photographers compared to other known retouch solution. Very disappointed at this absurd policy.

@mastix To be clear, you can select Help > Deactivate and deactivate a machine and then activate on another machine as many times as you want without restriction.

You are referring to resetting your activations without deactivating them. This is only allowed once every 30 days. This is to prevent license abuse. If you use Help > License and deactivate, you won’t have any problems.

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