Ongoing problem with interface hanging. v5.6.0 CentOS 7

Been getting this periodically (more and more lately) for the last several years.
Restarting and/or logging out doesn’t fix it. Moving the project to different Harddrives, changing the cache, clearing the cache, changing GPU (well any settings really) settings.

I think I figured out how to fix the issue, though. Export a layer to the clip board and paste it into Nuke.

Really weird, but doing that has fixed it the last 3x’s. I spent the better part of a day trying to sort it out last week with no success.

The hanging is basically click on a knot, wait a full 3 sec, unclick is 3 sec, switch layers is 3 sec.
Once you pick a knot or group of knots, they are generally faster (still slow) to manipulate than it is to switch.
Doesn’t seem to affect tracking speed.

Don’t know why exporting a shape fixes this. Hopefully it’ll help someone track down the bug.

In the deprecated state, Mocha is unusable out side of basic tracking.


OK, we are going to have to test this with QA. Can you be more specific on the versions of Mocha (standalone or plugin?) and Nuke you are using?

Stand Alone Mocha build 1601.gcc1335b663b
Nuke 11.1v4
CentOS 7.5.1804
GeForce RTX 2080 w/ Nvidia 4.6.0 410.48
I also have a 1070 card.
I think I was having issues when that was the primary card, as well, and also the last version of the Nvidia Driver, but I’m 100% certain.

Knot selection delay or spline movement hangs would be specifically a display issue, such as drawing the spline itself.

Are you able to share the mocha log and a screen grab of your current setup when the lag occurs?

Have you tried installing Mocha 2019 just to see if the problem is addressed in the current version?

You may also want to regress your Nvidia driver if it is later than the ones listed here: