Open Spline

Is there a way to use open splines for rotoscoping hairs and bring in to nuke with little feather or semi transparent shapes

Thanks for the reply, this maybe more of a nuke question but when i take the shape from mocha and paste it in nuke as a rotopaint node, i can’t control any of the settings in the stroke tab of the rotopaint node. Am i doing something wrong or is there anything else i need to do please help thanks

It looks like I may have given you bad information, my mistake. Nuke has implemented their own open spline format that is different from the normal bezier splines that we have been using for our open spline export. Currently, unless we re-write the export we will be unable to stroke open splines in nuke.

So, here is a workaround. Create a stroke in nuke, drive it with a mocha exported nuke corner pin from your hair track, animate it in nuke as you would in mocha to get wispy hairs onto the head. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



OK thank you for your reply could you guys try and add this function in the next version where you can stroke an open spline in mocha it would be really helpful in lots of cases not just rotoscoping hairs but also some small wires etc. thanks a lot for the reply

We can add this as a feature request but unfortunately we can not set a timeline for this to be completed. Thank you for letting us know.