Opening Mocha AE projects in the v5 Mocha Pro Plugin for AE

Can anyone help me figure out how to successfully open a project that was started in mocha AE in the new v5 mocha Pro plugin? It seems like it should be a fairly straight forward thing, but I can’t get it to work and can’t find much info anywhere.
I have a video clip that was roto’d in mocha AE CC 2015, and now I’d like to bring that project over to the new mocha Pro Plugin within After Effects so I can utilize the roto shapes for an object removal as well as render those shapes with motion blur.

I’ve tried two different ways now, and each time the shape layers won’t line up properly.

First Method: Using the same clip as the original project, I launched mochaPro from the effects panel in AE. Although it is technically a different footage file, it’s the same resolution, frame rate and duration. Same frames at the beginning and end.
Once the mochaPro GUI was loaded, I selected File>Merge Project… All of my shape data comes in, but it appears to be scaled up by about 200% and is outside of the viewer. And in motion all the tracking data is off. Shapes jump around all over the place as you scrub through the timeline.

Second Method: Following the same steps as above, only this time I started with the exact same footage file the original rotoscoping was done on. This time when I merge the project it looks great on the first frame, but once in motion all of the tracking is off, and worse this time.

I’ve never tried to migrate a mocha project from one version to another, but was told I could do so. There must be something simple that I’m overlooking, right?

Why isn’t there a “File>Open” option in the plugin version?

The merge should work, but clearly there’s something going wrong here.

Can you send us the files to see what may be happening? martinb[at]

There is no “Open” in the plugin because it sets up a project by reading the source footage directly from the host.

I figured out half the issue with the first method. It was, in fact, a clip with a different resolution. Total brain fart at the end of a long day on my part, I forgot to check the “render at source resolution” box when exporting the clip from Resolve. The shapes still jump all around though, so I’ll be sending you files shortly. Thanks, Martin!