Opening project in different plugin instances - Shape disappears

Update March 7, 2023
Gonna Repost this in a new thread as I’ve simplified the issue on my end.

Mocha 21.5 OFX plugin / Resolve 17 / Mac OS 10.15.7 / 32GB Ram / 2GB VRAM metal GPU.

Not sure if this should be in the BCC forum or posted here.

I need to add an inside matte in Primatte but the mocha widget inside Primatte does not play back the clip, so I wanted to use Mocha Pro on the edit page to crate the animated matte shape then transfer that to Primatte.

On the edit page, the matte view in Mocha Pro viewer looks good. I need to apply that mask to the BCC Primatte “inside mask” using the mocha widget. This instance of BCC Primatte is on the color page.

From the BCC Primatte interface, I open mocha from the “inside mask” dialogue. Then I load the project that I created on the edit page. The project opens fine but the shape is not there.

Is this the wrong workflow or Is there a workaround to get the shape into BCC?